#iHunt Tacos (Working Title) Intro

Hey everyone! Have you picked up your copy of #iHunt Mayhem in Movieland yet? It's currently available at Amazon in print and digital, or you can buy it directly through me at Payhip. Sometimes right after I release something, I need time to wind down. I need to do other things. Sometimes, though, I just... Continue Reading →

#iHunt Service With a Smile, Intro

I’m writing a collection of #iHunt short stories that detail the time between #iHunt and the sequel, #iHunt the Magdalene Dawn. It’s going slow, because of my new day job as a JRPG designer. But it’s been really fun. Since I haven’t actually done a real release in way too long, I want to share... Continue Reading →

AMAZING Review of #iHunt

A reviewer at Long And Short Reviews just posted a better than 5-star review of #iHunt. I’ve reviewed hundreds of books for Long and Short Reviews over the last five years. This is the by far the best one I’ve ever reviewed for them. High praise, right? The reviewer really clicked with what #iHunt is... Continue Reading →

Write What You Know, Kinda

Here’s the next bit of writing advice stuff I want to share from my upcoming book.   “Write what you know” is a strange piece of advice for authors of genre fiction. I mean, I know vampires insomuch as Lestat helped me to inform my sexuality as a teen. But I don’t know know vampires,... Continue Reading →

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