Blood Flow

I’ve been telling myself it’s high time I release a novel. So I did. Blood Flow is that novel.

Blood Flow is a modern gothic set in Southern California. It’s a fast-paced story about someone who becomes a vampire and gets swept up in something bigger than him. I know every author says this, but it’s hard to peg to a genre. It’s clearly a vampire thing, so it’s a little urban fantasy. There are some sweet and even romantic parts, but it’s not a romance story. It’s full of sarcastic and dark humor, but it’s not a comedy. It has disgusting and terrifying bits, but it’s not quite horror. I prefer to look at it as “A book about 2017. Except the monsters are more literal. And less orange.”

I think it’s probably best if you just read the first chapter. Fortunately, I’ve facilitated that. You can do that here.

The official blurb goes like so:

Vampire democracy sucks. Literally. When it’s one vamp, one vote, the worst monsters can swing elections by turning random people off the streets into new vampires. Dylan is one of those random people. The power players in the city want his vote, but he just wants to be left the hell alone. Most of all, he wants to stop murdering people. That’s easier than it sounds when some people are seriously asking for it.

Dylan’s life as a vampire is gross, terrifying, disgusting, frustrating, sexy, painful, and that’s all just in the first night out.

You can pick it up for Kindle or in print at Amazon. If you read it and enjoy, we’d love if you drop a review there and/or at Goodreads.

I’m currently writing the sequel. So, expect a bit of that. I’m going to be using this blog as a notebook of ideas, for practice writing, and for whatever else that suits my fancy.

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