Interview About Blood Flow, Social Stuff, Things

I just did a really great interview/chat about Blood Flow, about social responsibility in fiction, dirtbag leftism, and a few other topics with Gabby over at Literature Lynx. Not to spoil the whole thing, but here's an excerpt question: LL: As a genre, science fiction/fantasy doesn’t have a great track record with diversity and inclusivity... Continue Reading →

Comfort and Creativity

I love games. I've written and designed games for a living, for most of my adult career. I love interactive, dynamic narratives. I love emergent storytelling. I love creative narrative solutions to complex technological and scope constraints. So sometimes here, you're going to catch me talking games. This is tangentially about games. But really, it's... Continue Reading →

New Story: iHunt 

Right now, I'm knee-deep in Blood Letting, the sequel to Blood Flow. But, I'm also writing another story set in the San Jenaro universe. It's about the gig economy, through a lens of monster hunting. "It's like Uber, but for fighting back against the forces of darkness." It's called iHunt, and here's the first chapter:... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice Is A Dildo

Writing advice is like a dildo. If you're interested in writing, you've probably delved into a bit of writing advice. "Show, don't tell." "Know your audience." "Kill your darlings." "Write every day." "If you introduce writing advice in act one, you need to use it in act three." You know. Writing advice. That stuff. Like... Continue Reading →

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