Transylvanian Prince in Southern California – NOW AVAILABLE!

My newest novella, A Transylvanian Prince in Southern California, is now available!

You can pick it up at Amazon.

This is a huge experiment for me. So I’m going to chatter a little on that real quick.

Why a novella? Aren’t You Working on iHunt?

This is a prequel to iHunt. The reason I did this book was, I finished iHunt, and I needed to take a step back to give iHunt a more objective look when I get to its editing pass. I needed something to do with my spare time, and I had more stories to tell in that universe. So, this novella came out of that.

Novellas are an important thing for independent authors on Amazon. Smaller content works well, according to everything I’ve read and heard. There’s a sweet spot in the 20,000~ word range that a lot of people seem to enjoy. Instead of these full, rich stories, they’re more like TV episodes. I actually really like that format. It was fun to write.

What’s it About?

Lana, the protagonist of iHunt, takes her first solo contract as a young hunter. It’s sort of a coming-of-age experience for her. She’s hired to hunt a Wallachian lord who may or may not be related to Dracula. This is to say, her first solo contract is a Big Fucking Deal. She meets a guy who may or may not be related to Abraham Van Helsing, and she’s got some conflicting romantic feelings about him.


It’s $2.99. Technically, if I wanted to charge for it based on things like word count compared to Blood Flow, it’d probably be $2.49 I think. Pricing’s such a weird animal, though.

  • Amazon has a window in royalty pricing. If you charge $2.98 for your book, you only get 30% of your sales. If you charge $2.99, you get 70% of your sales. For obvious reasons, it’s significantly better for me as a creator to charge $2.99 for the book.
  • I like the $3 range. That’s a taco and a coke. I hope my book is worth a taco and a coke to you.
  • I feel like anything below $2.99 really hampers my ability to discount. Discounting is a necessary tool for independent authors.


There’s a print version as well. That’s not live quite yet, but will go live within the next couple of days. Amazon has to review the files and stuff, but it usually goes very quick.

Kindle Unlimited?

This is one of the other weird experimental things. Kindle Unlimited gives you the chance to read as many books as you want, for one flat fee. You can even do a free trial which is kinda neat. You read X number of pages, and that adds to a huge combined total. Then, every month, Amazon divides a huge chunk of money between all authors, depending on X.

You can read Transylvanian Prince in Southern California on Kindle Unlimited if you’ve got it. If you want, you can also take the free trial as a chance to read it. That’s important: I still get paid if you do Kindle Unlimited for free. Although if you are interested in getting me paid, you’ve got to flip through every possible page, since I’m paid by the page that way. It’s not as much as if you buy it, but it’s also not bad.

If you’ve not read Blood Flow, it’s also available on Kindle Unlimited now.

If you haven’t already, you can read the first two chapters here.

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