I’m currently experimenting with some video game stuff. I’m considering a small, simple platformer/beat ’em up starring Lana from iHunt and Transylvanian Prince in Southern California.

Part of the problem with this is, I have to determine what Lana looks like. Of course, I have an idea. I even have a few photos sitting around in Scrivener as reference. But if I’m doing this in a purely visual medium, I have to give that a lot more consideration.

To whit, I’m building a Pinterest board for Lana. I’m going to build on it, I need to think about fashions and things like that. I think most importantly, I need to look at tattoos. Let’s be honest—mostly it’s going to be tattoo thoughts. Tattoos are so hard to scale and replicate, so they’ll take a lot of consideration.

Have any of you used Pinterest for character studies and things? How has that worked out for you? Any tips?

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