#iHunt Audiobook Chapter 2

If you're interested in joining our Storium game, you've got a couple of days to get a character submitted. It's going to be popular, so jump on in while you can! If you've not already read and voted on my Choose Your Own Adventure, do it now, since I think tomorrow's entry will be the... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice on Microaggressions

Have you bought #iHunt yet? You should. Have you joined our new Storium game that’ll be starting soon? You should. On to today’s topic: Writing advice, and microaggressions. What’s a microaggression? Here’s a good primer. Basically, it’s all the very minor bigotry that people casually use toward marginalized groups of people. It’s usually not overtly... Continue Reading →

#iHunt: Let’s Play a Game

I'm trying to get some eyes on #iHunt. You should check it out. If you haven't read and voted on our Choose Your Own Adventure story, you should do that now. I'm leaving it up for the next few days. Today, I'm going to start a little game. I want you to play with me.... Continue Reading →

The #iHunt Interface

Someone asked me what the iHunt interface actually looks like, how it works, et cetera. It's actually pretty simple—it's a lot like Uber. You set up your hunter profile, and set up preferences and availability. Then, you get alerts when there are gigs within your criteria. If you turn down gigs within your criteria, you... Continue Reading →


My second novel has just launched! If you want to buy direct, I have it on Payhip. You can buy it right here. It’s also live in digital on Amazon. It’ll be live in print within the next few days. You can also pick it up through DrivethruFiction if you’re into them. I'm ridiculously proud... Continue Reading →

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