#iHunt Audiobook Chapter 2

If you’re interested in joining our Storium game, you’ve got a couple of days to get a character submitted. It’s going to be popular, so jump on in while you can! If you’ve not already read and voted on my Choose Your Own Adventure, do it now, since I think tomorrow’s entry will be the next chapter.

And of course, if you haven’t bought #iHunt, please do! Also, check out the novella A Transylvanian Prince in Southern California. You can even read it free with Kindle Unlimited.

A few days ago, I shared the first chapter of #iHunt in audiobook form.

Today, I want to share the second chapter. I don’t know if we’ll do the whole book or anything, but if there’s demand, we may end up doing an Audible version.

Here’s the Soundcloud version:

And here’s the Youtube version:

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