AMAZING Review of #iHunt

A reviewer at Long And Short Reviews just posted a better than 5-star review of #iHunt. I’ve reviewed hundreds of books for Long and Short Reviews over the last five years. This is the by far the best one I’ve ever reviewed for them. High praise, right? The reviewer really clicked with what #iHunt is... Continue Reading →

Write What You Know, Kinda

Here’s the next bit of writing advice stuff I want to share from my upcoming book.   “Write what you know” is a strange piece of advice for authors of genre fiction. I mean, I know vampires insomuch as Lestat helped me to inform my sexuality as a teen. But I don’t know know vampires,... Continue Reading →

#iHunt: Cocaine, Part 6, FINALE

Okay! Now for the conclusion of Cocaine, a standalone #iHunt tie-in story. So. If you haven't been reading this story up until now, you can start with Chapter One. CHAPTER SIX #AMBITION   Geena asked me to stop by her place in north Palo Verde. It’s a pretty hardcore gentrified neighborhood—ten years ago it was... Continue Reading →

#iHunt: Cocaine, Part 5

Start with chapter one. Content warning: Drug use, blood, surgery CHAPTER FIVE #NIETZSCH…SP? I sit in the back of my old Hyundai Accent so I have more space to work. You never want to perform surgery on yourself in the driver’s seat if you can avoid it—you’ll bump your elbows on the steering wheel or... Continue Reading →

#iHunt: Cocaine, Part 4

We're up to chapter four of my new #iHunt tie-in story, Cocaine. If you haven't read up to this point, start with Chapter 1. If you haven't bought #iHunt, you don't need to know it to read this story, but it's a good way to support an independent author. Also! If you haven't read the... Continue Reading →

#iHunt: Cocaine, Part 3

This is part three of Cocaine, an #iHunt tie-in fiction. You don't need to know iHunt to get this story, but if you dig this story, I'd love it if you pick up the novel. Anyway, you can read Chapter 2 here if you haven't already. CHAPTER THREE: #PLEISTOCENE Carmen was in the car, parked... Continue Reading →

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