San Jenaro Wiki Is Go!

Writing a series of books is hard. Keeping everything consistent is a pain in the ass. You end up having to take all sorts of notes and things, which are pretty complicated. However, it’s worthwhile for fans and…

God damn, I’m really going too far here. The point is, I started a San Jenaro wiki. It’s not perfect. I’ve just started adding pages. If you’re into my books, you’re welcome to edit it. And because my books are all Creative Commons licensed, I completely encourage you to drop quotes from the books on character and location pages. Whatever.

The one thing that’s sort of nice though is that it lets me dump simple exposition without laying it out in a narrative format. For example, I just laid out a lot of the rules about how vampires work in this universe. Gosh it’s almost like it’s a good format for a game book.

Anyway, this is a fun resource. You should go check it out.

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