Slow Progress. I Have a Domain. Also, a Book of the Month.

If you didn’t get here by, you’re missing out. On, you know, not using my shitty WordPress URL. So now you can totally feel the pleasure of using to link to the exact same content on my site.

#iHunt got October “Pitch Perfect Book of the Month” from Underground Book Reviews. It’ll be submitted for their novel of the year poll and judging soon. I think that starts January 1st. So I’ll be hounding y’all to vote that up and down the block. I’d love to have a book of the year under my belt.

I haven’t been making much progress. My plan originally was to write #iHunt’s sequel for NaNoWriMo. But, my new job  has been eating a lot of my time. I started in the job, then performed really well, and got moved into a bigger role. So, it’s been a lot of learning, a lot of adapting, and a lot of work all around. I’m still writing, just not as quickly as I might like.

And, I’ll leave with a recent five-star review of #iHunt courtesy House of Webster on Amazon:

There’s something ironic about selecting a star rating for a book like this. In the first chapter, Lana slays a vampire, and is immediately given a 3 star rating via her iHunt app (it’s like uber but for vampire hunting), cutting her pay in half. That’s only one of the frustrations our morally ambiguous contract killer has to deal with. Her mounting expenses range from the dramatic – blood loss and injuries bringing from fighting predatory vampires and brutal werewolves – to mundane – having her job threatened by random pointless drug tests during her day job. This is an angry book about poverty, and that makes it an adventure with real stakes most heroic monster slaying protagonists don’t have to deal with.

One last thing: most stories about monster hunters dwell on the moral ambiguity regarding slaying sapient monsters. In a welcome twist, the protagonist of iHunt feels the most guilt about having friends who are predatory vampires.

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