New #iHunt Book, Mayhem in Movieland, Released!!!

Did you read the sample piece I posted called “Service With A Smile?” Well, that’s grown up into a full-length story, which I’ve just released in print and on Kindle! You should go check it out.

Three things:

  • I’m up for a Novel of the Year award through Underground Book Reviews. I’d really appreciate it if you could go vote for #iHunt. This is the kind of thing that gets more eyes on an author’s work.
  • As of this moment, Mayhem in Movieland is #67 in Dark Humor, and #99 in Short Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Just a few sales could get this book into top-tier rankings. Which means more attention, which means… well, you know the deal, right? If you have $4 or your local equivalent sitting around, I’d really appreciate a few more week one sales.
  • As of always, if you’re looking for a way to support my work, review, review, review. Goodreads is good. Amazon Verified Customer Reviews are excellent. Being an independent author is all about working those algorithms.

So… yeah. There you go! Go get Movieland. It’s a great short novel about my experiences working at Disneyland, working with anxiety, and all sorts of normal #iHunt stuff. I’s a ghost story, inspired heavily by classics like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

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