A Transylvanian Prince In Southern California

A San Jenaro story starring Lana from #iHunt.

Lana is a monster hunter—she takes bounties to kill the creatures of the night. Her first contract without her mentor takes her to the California mountains, where she’s digging up dirt on an ancient Transylvanian lord who may be one of Dracula’s grandchildren. While he’s trying to buy some beachfront property, she’s busy trying to figure out how you kill something that’s five hundred years old, and debating whether or not to give in to the flirtations of a strange hunter who may or may not be related to Abraham Van Helsing. 

This is a prelude to the upcoming full-length novel, #iHunt. 

Content warning: Drug use, violence, sex

You can buy it at Amazon, or read it on Kindle Unlimited.

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