#iHunt: Cocaine, Part 4

We're up to chapter four of my new #iHunt tie-in story, Cocaine. If you haven't read up to this point, start with Chapter 1. If you haven't bought #iHunt, you don't need to know it to read this story, but it's a good way to support an independent author. Also! If you haven't read the... Continue Reading →

#iHunt: Cocaine, Part 3

This is part three of Cocaine, an #iHunt tie-in fiction. You don't need to know iHunt to get this story, but if you dig this story, I'd love it if you pick up the novel. Anyway, you can read Chapter 2 here if you haven't already. CHAPTER THREE: #PLEISTOCENE Carmen was in the car, parked... Continue Reading →

#iHunt: Cocaine, Part 2

Yesterday I started a free piece of fiction called Cocaine. Today, I'm posting chapter two. CHAPTER TWO: #NOKIA When you get these feelings, you have to ride them out. You have to work through them. I take a deep breath, then another, then another. I walk carefully toward the model home. It's big by my standards.... Continue Reading →

San Jenaro Wiki Is Go!

Writing a series of books is hard. Keeping everything consistent is a pain in the ass. You end up having to take all sorts of notes and things, which are pretty complicated. However, it's worthwhile for fans and... God damn, I'm really going too far here. The point is, I started a San Jenaro wiki.... Continue Reading →

#iHunt: Cocaine, Part 1

This is a story about Lana, the protagonist of #iHunt. You don't need to have read #iHunt to get this though. Before I get into this short, have you picked up a copy of #iHunt? If you have, have you reviewed it? Content warning: Drug use Without further ado... #COCAINE CHAPTER ONE: #BLINDEDWITHSCIENCE   Cocaine... Continue Reading →

#iHunt Audiobook Chapter 2

If you're interested in joining our Storium game, you've got a couple of days to get a character submitted. It's going to be popular, so jump on in while you can! If you've not already read and voted on my Choose Your Own Adventure, do it now, since I think tomorrow's entry will be the... Continue Reading →

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